Ivana Doesn't Speak Russian, But She Can Do A Great Accent

ivana2 vaeHello blog-readers! I'm Ivana and I am one of the women you can hire from our service to bring out and enjoy alone. While my name, Ivana, certainly has a foreign feel to it, I can assure you I am 100% all-American in heart and spirit. Some clients don't believe me simply because of my exotic name. I had a date last week when my client insisted I use an accent. Here is how that went.

I Showed Up Ready For A Good Time

My client had indicated he wanted to go to a few casinos to try winning some extra money before we hit the nightlife scene. This was alright with me because I truly loved the excitement of the casinos. It would get us pumped up for the energetic dancing we would be doing afterward. When I showed at my client's hotel room, he told me I was to use an accent throughout our date time. He wanted others to believe I was a Russian native and he particularly enjoyed that accent as well. Okay then! I was going to do my best!

We Went Out And Enjoyed The City

The casinos were bustling with people trying their hands at luck. We had difficulty finding room at a blackjack table at first. I used my accent to wheedle our way in there, however. When people saw how gorgeous I was and when they heard me speak, I think they believed I was a celebrity of some sort. They quickly moved to the sides and we were in! This happened wherever we went in the casinos. If I wanted to play a particular slot machine where a lot of people were blocking the area, I just had to speak and they moved aside. This accent thing was making me feel like a star!

We Continued The Charade

When we got back to my client's hotel room, he wanted me to continue speaking to him with an accent. He also said he would like me to comply with his requests. I had a feeling he was a client that enjoyed a dom/sub relationship and this sealed the deal. I was more than happy to do whatever he wished. This started with a strip tease in low lighting. I felt very sexy and I spoke to him with my newly foreign tongue, making him excited for what was to follow. We decided to take ourselves to the bed to dabble in the art of massage. I tended to his muscles and relaxed him with my Russian whispers. He told me what moves to make and I followed them exactly. I can't let you know what happened after that...that's a secret. Let's just say he was more than willing to call me the next day to set up our next date!