Ivana Doesn't Speak Russian, But She Can Do A Great Accent

ivana2 vaeHello blog-readers! I'm Ivana and I am one of the women you can hire from our service to bring out and enjoy alone. While my name, Ivana, certainly has a foreign feel to it, I can assure you I am 100% all-American in heart and spirit. Some clients don't believe me simply because of my exotic name. I had a date last week when my client insisted I use an accent. Here is how that went.

I Showed Up Ready For A Good Time

My client had indicated he wanted to go to a few casinos to try winning some extra money before we hit the nightlife scene. This was alright with me because I truly loved the excitement of the casinos. It would get us pumped up for the energetic dancing we would be doing afterward. When I showed at my client's hotel room, he told me I was to use an accent throughout our date time. He wanted others to believe I was a Russian native and he particularly enjoyed that accent as well. Okay then! I was going to do my best!

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Kiko Can Walk All Over You

kiko3 vaeDo you find yourself getting all excited when you think about a woman's feet? Do you have a secret foot fetish that you want to play around with but aren't sure where to turn to because of fear or embarrassment about what others will think? Are you in between love interests and just need to play with feet right now? If so, I think I may be able to help! I'm Kiko and I know all about foot fetishes and how important it is to people just like you. In fact, I have some fetishes of my own that I'm hoping you will help me play around with as well. Here is some more about what you will enjoy if you decide to make a date with me!

I'm More Beautiful In Person

While my profile pictures give you an idea about my general appearance, I have to say they don't do me justice. I know I am hot and I can't wait for you to see me in person! I have curves in all the right places and know how to use them so that you want to see more and more of what I have hiding underneath my clothing. The best part is when I give you a glimpse of my feet in all their glory. I keep my nails trim and polished at all times. I take great pride in my feet and I know you'll appreciate the upkeep. I like to wear shoes that show off my feet and legs, giving you a glimpse of my features to think about while we get on with our date. It'll build your anticipation for what is to come!

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Tomoko Talks About Her Anime Obsession

tomoko4 vaeHello all! My name is Tomoko, and I am a Japanese escort for hire. I want to share a passion I have on the side of my routine work. I am an anime junkie! I love anything that has to do with anime and the characters my favorite shows involve. Here's a bit more about this side-hobby I'd like to share with you.

I Enjoy Things That Represent My Culture

If you clicked on my profile, you will see that I am of Oriental descent. I am Japanese-American, and I am completely proud of my heritage. If you are the type of guy who regularly hires escorts, you have likely found that Japanese girls are a bit more attentive to particular parts of the body and soul. We are great masseuses and know some tricks that Westerners don't always incorporate into their actions. This goes for anime as well. Anime means "animated" in Japanese. It is a term used to represent all that is animated, not just shows made in Japan. In the West, however, anime is a term used specifically to describe Japanese animation. The anime I like most does, of course, come from my own country, however, I am also interested in animation from around the world because I like to note the differences in artwork and cinema specialties.

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Cho Explains The Dos And Don'ts For Talking To An Escort

cho2 vaeYou have decided it is time to get online and pick out an escort to hire. Yay! My name is Cho, and I am just one of the many beautiful women available to select from. Welcome aboard! When your escort shows up for your date, you might have some worry about how to talk to her...after all, you don't know this woman at all. Will it be awkward? Will you say something wrong? Here are some do's and dont's to help you along.

DO...Make Sure You Bring Your Date Out

Your escort is more than willing to spend time with you right off the bat at your hotel room or in your home, but you'll be missing out on a ton of fun. If you bring your date out on the town, you'll have the advantage of getting to know her on a personal level before you get intimate with her. This will enhance the experience you'll have. You'll have that connection that many desire when it comes to spending time with a pretty lady. Let's not waste this! Do ask your escort questions about her background, likes, and dislikes. She'll do the same. You'll see you will open up more and more when you get to know her!

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Asian Escort + Asian Massage = A Life Well Lived

kiko3 vaeYou undoubtedly heard the rumblings about how an Asian massage given by a true Asian woman is absolutely heavenly. If you have never had a massage of this type before, you are truly missing out! Read on to learn exactly what rewards you will reap when you contact us to have an Asian beauty give you a rubdown.

A Gorgeous Woman To Tend To Your Needs

It's hard to get into a massage when the person giving it to you isn't all that attractive. It's even worse if you are a guy and the masseuse you are presented with is also of the male species. Don't take the chance of having someone who doesn't match your desires touching your body. When you contact us for an Asian massage, you'll be presented with several beautiful options in women to select from. In fact, you can check them out yourself on our website before you give us a call if you wish. Pick out one that you'd like to meet, and we will handle the rest.

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Cho Prefers In Room Massage To The Massage Parlor

cho1 vaeYou deserve a massage. There's so much stress in today's world, it is easy to become caught up in it all. People need time for relaxation every once in a while. If you are here because you are interested in booking a session with one of our gorgeous Asian escorts, you've come to the right place. One of our escorts, Cho, gave us insight into why in-room massage is preferred over massage parlor sessions. Read on to find out why.

Policies Do Not Come Into Play

When you go to a massage parlor, your identity is not protected from others who frequent the same establishment. You may run into your neighbor, a coworker, or a family member. Then you need to get into the ordeal of explaining why you need a massage. You'll have to make small talk. Nothing is private. When you hire someone like Cho for a massage, the entire session takes place in a comfortable setting, such as your home or a hotel room. No one will know you are having a massage and there's no need for talking at all if you don't feel like it. Another policy that you won't have to worry about is the time allotted for your massage. At a massage parlor, someone may be waiting for their turn, meaning you have to hurry up and get out of the massage room so that they can go inside. If you want to lengthen your session with an Asian masseuse, simply let her know, and she will comply.

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Celebrate The New Year With A Bang

li5New Year's Eve is almost here and that means plenty of celebrations will be in full swing to bring in the next decade. If you enjoy the loudness and excitement associated with high-profile events like this, then finding activities that suit your needs will be necessary so you enjoy the holiday as much as possible. Here are a few ways you can bring in the New Year with a bang in Las Vegas.

Join In Festivities Where Fireworks Are Expected

There are a few areas in the city where fireworks are let off at the stroke of midnight. Traditionally, around seven of Vegas' prestigious hotels will let off fireworks from atop their rooftops, giving spectators below or in hotels at eye-level a spectacular view of vivid color and booming noise as the celebration takes place. The strip will be vacated from traffic around dinnertime, making it feel like a block party that goes on throughout the night and after the fireworks come to an end. This year is no different and many will gather into the street to watch the show in awe. There's no need for reservations and you'll be surrounded with high-energy people like yourself who want to bring in the New Year with a bang.

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We Love Our Clients! Thank You For Being So Great

li5With the Thanksgiving season upon us, we want to take the time to show our appreciation to our clients for their dedicated service. We truly feel blessed to have such a great crowd of people who rely on our services and who go above and beyond with their loyalty. Because of you, we are who we are today. Our girls want to thank each one of you from the bottoms of their hearts for your patronage. We asked our escorts to provide us with a few words about their experiences to share with you.

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The Best Party In Vegas: Fetish And Fantasy Ball

eightDeemed as one of the top ten events in the world by the Travel Channel, the Fetish and Fantasy Ball in Las Vegas will soon be upon us. If you have never experienced going to this event, you are in for a treat. This party surpasses all parties you have been to in the much that you will be anticipating the following year's event immediately after this one ends. Here is some information about this party to help you realize it is a do-not-miss event!

The Costumes Are Incredible

Each person who attends this event will be dressed in costume. The costumes worn usually signify a fetish or fantasy that the person enjoys. Some people just select a costume however, so don't be too quick to sidle up to someone thinking they are into a specific type of fetish just yet. Case out the situation first! Costumes are elaborate and people really put effort into the messages they are trying to share. The sexiness of the costumes is also a delight. Each person tries to outdo each other with the showing of skin without revealing too much of their personal attributes. 

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MGM Removed The Lion Entrance

mgm lion - las vegasAt some point in your life, you have probably watched a movie made by MGM and remember the lion roaring before the opening credits. This lion has been the MGM trademark for decades. The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas even had this lion sporting its own entryway...until the late 90's. Here is some information about this entryway and why it had been removed.

The Start Of A New Establishment

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino was built in 1993 and quickly became one of the most visited tourist hotspots in the city. In fact in the mid-nineties, it was deemed the third-largest hotel in the entire world, as well as the largest resort complex with a hotel available in the United States of America. The lion mascot that MGM is known for was incorporated into the building in a few different manners. The main entryway was designed as a large lion head with an open mouth that you walked through to the main portion of the building. Inside, there was an attraction where live lions were kept for visitors to view.

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Vegas Has a Korea Town a Little West of The Strip

kiko1 vae

A bit west of the busy Las Vegas strip, lies a lesser known area where there is plenty to do, see, eat, and drink. This area in the outskirts of Las Vegas is called, Korea Town, or "K-Town", and it is surrounded by other Asian hotspots. The Korean population in the Las Vegas area is actually quite large among the Asian groups in the locale, surpassed only by the Chinese and Filipino nationalities Here is a bit of information about this hidden treasure, nestled along the blocks of West Spring Mountain Road and Rainbow Boulevard.

Shopping At It's Absolute Finest

For those who want to hunt for bargains galore, Korea Town has plenty to offer. There are a few non-Korean stores mixed into the shopping district, however, the majority are Korean in nature. The anchor store is Greenland Supermarket, offering Korean food choices as well as some favorites from our own country. Local artists offer some fine pieces in quaint shops, fashion is abundant for those who want to try some threads or jewelry from another country, and there are sure to be surprises around every corner if you are searching for a gift or trinket to remember your time in this area.

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Girls Direct To Your Room

norah3 vaeWill Anyone Notice If You Hire An Escort?

If you are contemplating hiring an escort to spend time with while you are staying in a hotel room, you may have wondered if you will make yourself noticeable with this action. This may be especially troubling if you have coworkers staying in the hotel with you. Here are some of the steps your date will take should you decide to have escorts to your room to ensure your secret does not get out if you do not wish for it to.

Let the escort service know you wish for your date time to remain discrete. The escort you select to spend time with will make sure she is dressed in unobtrusive clothing so people are less likely to take second looks at her appearance. She will most likely wear a long jacket to cover her apparel and she will try to blend in with a crowd when walking through your hotel.

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The Lovely Strippers In Miami

Kami In MiamiMiami Strippers Are The Hottest In The World

The best place in the world right now to experience the hottest ladies in the entire galaxy is Miami Beach. The escorts South Beach has to offer are some of the most amazing looking ladies you’ll ever set your eyes on. So if you are ready for the ultimate Miami strippers then you’ll be set for the time of your life. A bachelor party is something that is a true right of passage for a guy to go through. Make it one for the record books by only having the best strippers in Miami come right to your own hotel suite.

You won’t get this kind of show in a regular strip club. You need a private experience for you and the men of your bachelor party. Don’t they deserve a little time away from the stresses of life? By having Miami strippers to be the icing on the cake of your party will have you reminiscing about the memories you’ll make for years to come.

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