Tomoko Talks About Her Anime Obsession

tomoko4 vaeHello all! My name is Tomoko, and I am a Japanese escort for hire. I want to share a passion I have on the side of my routine work. I am an anime junkie! I love anything that has to do with anime and the characters my favorite shows involve. Here's a bit more about this side-hobby I'd like to share with you.

I Enjoy Things That Represent My Culture

If you clicked on my profile, you will see that I am of Oriental descent. I am Japanese-American, and I am completely proud of my heritage. If you are the type of guy who regularly hires escorts, you have likely found that Japanese girls are a bit more attentive to particular parts of the body and soul. We are great masseuses and know some tricks that Westerners don't always incorporate into their actions. This goes for anime as well. Anime means "animated" in Japanese. It is a term used to represent all that is animated, not just shows made in Japan. In the West, however, anime is a term used specifically to describe Japanese animation. The anime I like most does, of course, come from my own country, however, I am also interested in animation from around the world because I like to note the differences in artwork and cinema specialties.

I Love Dressing The Part Of My Favorites

Anime is full of beautiful females. Many are dressed in schoolgirl apparel, as the characters are on the younger side, but this isn't always the case. I love to dress up as my favorite anime characters! I have some flashy outfits that reveal just enough to keep you wondering about the rest of my body. In anime, bright colors are usually used. I use this bit of knowledge into my clothing selections as well. The brighter the better! I also like to style my hair similarly to my favorite characters and you may catch me with a bright-colored hue upon my head as well as upon my body. Don't let this throw you off-guard! I'm just mimicking my favorites!

Let's Watch And Learn Together

I'd love it if I could share some magic of anime with you during our date. I'm not asking you to sit down and watch episode after episode, that would be nutty. I would like it though if I could play a few clips of my favorite scenes for you as we get to know each other. This could be out at a restaurant or in your hotel room, away from distractions. I'll let you know more about the history of this great pastime and some more about why I love anime so very much. A part of this is the fact that I am very much into art and would like to one day work in the field of anime production myself. There, I share information about myself...can you do the same when we meet? I look forward to hearing from you!