Kiko Can Walk All Over You

kiko3 vaeDo you find yourself getting all excited when you think about a woman's feet? Do you have a secret foot fetish that you want to play around with but aren't sure where to turn to because of fear or embarrassment about what others will think? Are you in between love interests and just need to play with feet right now? If so, I think I may be able to help! I'm Kiko and I know all about foot fetishes and how important it is to people just like you. In fact, I have some fetishes of my own that I'm hoping you will help me play around with as well. Here is some more about what you will enjoy if you decide to make a date with me!

I'm More Beautiful In Person

While my profile pictures give you an idea about my general appearance, I have to say they don't do me justice. I know I am hot and I can't wait for you to see me in person! I have curves in all the right places and know how to use them so that you want to see more and more of what I have hiding underneath my clothing. The best part is when I give you a glimpse of my feet in all their glory. I keep my nails trim and polished at all times. I take great pride in my feet and I know you'll appreciate the upkeep. I like to wear shoes that show off my feet and legs, giving you a glimpse of my features to think about while we get on with our date. It'll build your anticipation for what is to come!

Let's Go Out And Learn More About Each Other

I love spending time out and about where there's plenty of activity going on. I love to dance and know some awesome nightclubs in the area if you want to see me in action. Let's get our feet moving together! If you would rather do something more intimate, a quiet dinner or a drink together works as well. The possibilities in this great city are endless and you'll have fun with me wherever we decide to visit. We can use our time together to learn each other's interests and to talk about what turns you on when it comes to foot playtime.

Alone Time Is The Best Time

It will be tough to wait it out to get to the point where we are completely alone, but I think it is totally worth it because it will make the end result more intense. When we do finally get back to your place, I'll tempt you with a strip session so you can see exactly what I have to offer. I'll have you caress my feet and you are welcome to kiss or lick them if that will boost your excitement level. I know I find it very erotic myself! I've been known to massage clients with my feet instead of my hands if you want to relax. I've also had dates where my shoes don't come off until the very, very end. Whatever you wish to explore, let me be the woman to help!