Tory Wants To Be Your Hot Asian Date

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I Love To Show Off

So, I'm not the typical girl who ends up becoming one of the Las Vegas escort girls. I'm young, sweet and innocent. But, I've always wanted to explore and try new things, so I decided to do this. I love spending time with people, getting to know them and really show them that I care, so it just seemed like a good fit. Plus, my classy side helps make it possible for me to fit in at any business meeting, while my seductive side works while giving a man the NURU massage Las Vegas service he has heard so much about. While I'm new and young, I'm also outgoing and energetic. I just can't wait to show off what I'm learning to do.

I am an intelligent, beautiful woman who is turned on by intelligence as well. I've always believed everyone is intelligent in at least one subject. Sure, some are more book smart and others are street smart, but just hearing a man talk about what he is intelligent about really gets me going. It is also why I am one of the call girls Las Vegas likes to show off. The things I learn and the people I meet are really amazing. Probably the only thing more amazing than it is how amazing my man feels when I am done with him.

I like to consider myself a chameleon because I can fit into so many different surroundings. As a Vegas escort, I am quite familiar with all of the different hotspots. From nightclubs to swinger clubs, I’m confident that we can have a grand old time. I’ve also got plenty of cocktail dresses, so if you need a hot date for a special occasion or work event, I’m happy to be your arm candy.

We can be two peas in a pod, walking down the Vegas Strip. Let’s have some fun and turn some heads. I love to laugh, and you are in for a treat if you can keep me entertained throughout the time that we spent together.

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